Neck-Loop Antenna – ComPilot II


The neck strap of the Phonak ComPilotII Bluetooth receiver contains an antenna that sends the digital signal from your Bluetooth devices to your hearing aids. It is therefore an important part of the Phonak ComPilot II and may at times need to be replaced so that you are always assured of the best possible connection between the ComPilot and your hearing aids.

If the sound is scratchy when using and listening to your Bluetooth devices through ComPilot, it can be a sign that the neck strap needs to be replaced. The actual sound quality is therefore also ensured by using an intact neck strap, and you get optimal benefit from both your hearing aids and your Phonak ComPilot.

Phonak Neckloop Antenna is available in a long and a short version, so you can choose the length that suits you best.

Benefits of Phonak Neckloop Antenna

  • Ensures a flawless connection.
  • Ensures the sound quality.
  • Available in different lengths and colors.
Neck-Loop Antenna – ComPilot II
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